Summer on the sunny Seefeld plateau...

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear summer sports enthusiasts,

Seefeld has become a competent destination for summer sports as well as winter sports.

The Nordic Competence Centre, a major project, was completed in the last winter season and is now available for training sessions or longer training camps.

The World Championship facilities and the Nordic Competence Centre  And if you want to try out any of these sports during your holiday, you can book a course at the Cross Country Academy Martin Tauber.are located in the vicinity of the Hotel St. Peter de luxe, and only a short stroll away..

And if you want to try out any of these sports during your holiday, you can book a course at the Cross Country Academy Martin Tauber .

Here are some facts on some of the summer sports on offer:

Biathlon facility

The Biathlon facility at the Nordic Competence Centre Seefeld has 30 shooting ranges; 9 are currently fixed for use with small calibre weapons and are already available for training sessions; the other 21 small calibre weapon ranges will be installed temporarily for the 2012 Olympic Winter Games. There are also 5 shooting ranges for air rifles.

Die Roller ski

The outer track of the roller track is 3.3 km long and can be adjusted in length and height. It has an average width of 3 m. The track is installed in the Casino Arena and in the Möserertal valley so that training sessions can be tailor-made by combining different levels of difficulty. As the track runs through the Casino Arena and directly to the shooting ranges, it is perfect for combined running and shooting training for biathletes.

For more information on the Nordic Competence Centre for winter sports, please read here.

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