Wellness massages at the Hotel St. Peter**** de luxe Seefeld

Massages for body, soul and mind.

Take some time to relax, enjoy, unwind

 Please download our information about massages as PDF: Massages Overview PDF

SPORTS MASSAGE  approx. 50 min.

BACK  AND NECK MASSAGE  approx. 25 min.

EUR 60.-

EUR 35.-

Do you sit in front of a computer for hours and hours and afterwards suffer from a tight neck and back? This treatment targeted on the back, shoulders and neck loosens the muscles, revives and reduces stress.

FULL-BODY MASSAGE  approx. 50 min.

upon request with hay pack

EUR 60.-

EUR 5.-

Here typical grips, such as stroking, kneading, rubbing, circular movements, tapping and slapping, are used in order to improve circulation and metabolic processes to positively influence the skin, muscles, internal organs, blood and lymph system.

MIXED MASSAGE  approx. 60 min.

AYURVEDIC MASSAGE Abhyanga approx. 60 min.

upon request with face

EUR 70.-

EUR 75.-

Massages with Ayurvedic herbal oils are extremely beneficial, help in the creation of a deep relaxation effect and at the same time aid the detoxification process. Allow plenty of time for your Ayurvedic treatment. When the treatment session is over, take a long rest, a warm bath or go on a walk in the country.

DORN-BREUSS MASSAGE  approx. 45min.

EUR 70.-

The Breuss massage is a penetrative and energising back massage that releases spiritual and physical tensions. The spinal column is relaxed and stretched by gently massaging the sacrum and this is then followed by a massaged application of St John‘s Wort Oil, which aids the regeneration of the nerves and intervertebral discs.

LYPHDRAINAGE  approx. 25 min.

HERBAL STAMPS MASSAGE  approx. 60 Minuten

EUR 35.-

EUR 85.-

for intensive relaxation and a stamp as a gift

HONEY MASSAGE approx. 50 min.

EUR 68.-

with facial pack and mask


ST. PETER LUXURY-MASSAGE approx. 120 min.

EUR 35.-

EUR 110.-

Aromatic foot bath, 1 glass of sparkling wine, herbal inhalation during the wellness massage

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